Wednesday, May 14, 2008

This is what is going on in Jason Knedel's life

Hello everybody.. Well what is new in my life is that i have released myself from teaching special ed. students and went back to school .. I am currently attending Glendale Community College. I am studying to be come a chef. Culinary Arts to be exact. I got a new job as a chef working for the biggest and best catering company in califronia called black tie event.. It is fun work but there is not alot of it. In the last 5 months i have met a wonderful woman named june and in feb i asked her to marry me. She is gorgeous and very sweet and i love her with all my heart. She has a son named Jason  who is 13  and is an amazing drawer. We are hoping to be married some time next year.. Maybe in Hawaii in july of 2009.  I am still living at home taking care of dad.. DAD is doing great he is up and walking around.. the KEMO is really doing its job..  My mom is still working and loves what she is doing.  Mike or ( Don Chell) is still signed with Sony. He plans to get out of his contract next year and maybe move to Miami.. Mike is still  living in the Garage. Well that is  all that is going on in the Knedel life.. come back for more follow up.. If you are looking for Jason or Mike look us up on